Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I used to be a nice girl!

Once upon a time I used to follow the rules, be well behaved, do as I was expected to, be friendly, polite, helpful, loving, accommodating, put the need of others above my own, conform: I used to be a nice girl! Used to be.
Yes, I know, people don't really change, and I haven't really changed either, but I have turned into a slut.

As I type this, it makes me laugh, and it makes me blush as well. I never saw myself as a slut, I've been a serial monogamist all my life, I was faithful to my husband and sex was always private.

So what happened? It's not just that I've started exploring my kink, after all sex wasn't originally a part of it, but my boundaries are definitely shifting.
About a week ago, 2 men messaged me on FetLife, concerning things I'd posted. 2 different men, talking about 2 different posts, nothing weird about it. Neither gave me creep vibes, they both are intelligent, funny and like SF, so all made of win, and after some messaging back and forth I added them as friends. The person from the States is someone I'm just friendly with, we chat a bit every now and then and that's about it. The person from New Zealand on the other hand ... A name, I need a name for him: Andrew will do.

Andrew commented on some pictures I'd posted. We're talking boobs here, red, black and blue from a riding crop (ouch!). People seem to like those pictures, I got a lot of *likes*. Anyway, Andrew made very clear he'd love to get his hands (amongst other things) on my breasts, and buttocks, and indeed the rest of me. So what do I do? I retreated, after telling him off blushingly. Yeah, as if: I started flirting back.

I got invited to a play party, but it was very short notice and also a considerable distance from here, so I had to decline. Now I was thinking "What's the hurry here?", but I still get no creep vibes and I don't believe he wants me to come over because he can't get any other play partners. On the contrary, it feels like he can get all the action he wants and then some, and for some reason he's very interested in me.

So you all want to know about the slutty part?
Within days we had cyber sex. In a week after meeting on-line we had phone sex. We Skyped, just to see each others face. We're planning to meet and play in RL fairly soon. We know each others' real name and relationship status.
There has been no talk about exclusivity, but there are thoughts about ramping it all up a bit. Andrew is a Dom when he's talking with me, and he's interested in finding out what happens if I submit to him. (What is it with me and Doms? Do I attract them, or are they just likely to contact me?) All this and his first message to me was only 10 days ago.

And do you know what makes me feel even sluttier?
Not only do Luke and Andrew know about each other, they encourage me as well. I tell them what's happening and I often chat to both of them at once. And more than that: I don't feel ashamed about it!


  1. LoL Julia, you ARE s nice girl:) I think thisa is awesome. Happy for you! Interested to hear how things work out with Andrew.

    Love that Luke and Andrew know about each other and encourage you. Must admit, I was wondering about Luke at first when I read about Andrew:)

  2. You are a brave girl, slut doesn't enter into it. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  3. You two make me blush! :)
    Yes, Roz, of course they know about each other. I may have turned into a slut, but that doesn't make me a cheat or a liar. Besides: they both know about my blog, so I couldn't keep it a secret anyway.
    Sunny Girl, I don't feel brave, but I don't feel afraid either, nor ashamed. As far as for me being a slut: they both call me that and they both love it hearing me calling myself that. Is that a guy thing?