Thursday, 19 June 2014

New games, additional play partner

Yesterday I wrote my first post about Andrew, and I told him about it through a message. When he was on-line later, he read it and we talked about it.

We also talked about Luke: Andrew likes the fact that Luke's so much younger than I am (Andrew and I are about the same age), and he believes it's further prove of my sluttiness. I think he also enjoys I'm slightly embarrassed about the age difference.

At some point, I forget why, he says that he'll have Luke beat my ass and tits black and blue if I don't change my attitude. I answered him that Luke does that anyway, so he asks me if Luke also beats and bruises my pussy. When I say no, he threatens to have Luke do just that. I found it very funny. After all: they're nowhere near, don't know each other, and I have done nothing, ever, to deserve this. I love guys with a good sense of humour!

More chatting, more him calling me slut, me telling him it turns me on and that I'm about to cum. So he tells me I need his permission to cum. OK, orgasm control and denial: when, where and how did I agree to that? Never, nowhere, no way, is the answer. But if he likes it, why not play along? So I do. And let's be honest: I knew that we were going in this direction anyway, so it wasn't a surprise, really.

We stop chatting when the family comes home and I need to take care of dinner.

After dinner it's game night again, so before I leave I text Andrew, to let him know I'll send another text when I get home again. I immediately get told off, because I hadn't included a "respectful Sir", so I resend my first text, adding Sir.
I go to the game night, we play, Luke drops me off again and in the car we chat. I tell him about Andrew threatening to have Luke beat me, Luke laughs, I laugh, all good. He then starts a cautionary tale about on-line Doms who pray on naive subs. Isn't it wonderful how he looks out for me? I don't think it is that he doesn't trust Andrew, but he does think I'm too trusting.
We got home, Luke torments my nipple for a bit, I go in and text Andrew. I then go upstairs, very horny still. While I get ready for bed we text.
Andrew wants to know if I saw Luke that night and what we talked about. I tell him we were talking about him beating me on Andrew's orders and how that amused Luke. I also said that Luke worries about me.

Andrew likes that Luke's near enough to me to tend to my physical and mental needs, which I think is a very sweet thing to say.
I ask him if I'm also on orgasm denial when Luke wants to fuck me, and he tells me no. Luke can fuck me whenever he wants, but I'm not to ask for it. Since this is our dynamic anyway, there's no problem here. There would have been a problem had the answer been different, because I can't/won't just change things between Luke and me on Andrew's orders.

And all the while my need for release keeps growing. By the time he finally calls me, I'm just about ready to climb the walls.
Not that he's in a hurry, oh no. He just keeps on teasing me. He orders me to touch myself, wants to know how wet I am, listens to me moan and keeps denying me. I beg him, I call myself his slut, I offer myself to him again and again, and he still won't let me come. I tried to not be too loud, so I could still hear his voice, and got told off that I didn't moan any more. It was hell, it was heaven, it was so frustrating. I have no idea how long it took, or how much I begged him, until he finally started to count down and I came. I came hard, and long, shuddering, sweating, moaning, again and again.

Next time I need to make sure I have a glass of water waiting: all that moaning and begging gives me a dry mouth.

Afterwards Andrew told me to ask Luke to contact him. I did so this morning.

I so want to know what they'll be discussing, but I'll have to wait and find out in due time. After all, even though the talk will be about me, all decisions will be theirs, not mine. But I'm willing to bet that there will be talk about Luke punishing me in Andrew's name, and I don't know what I think about that yet.

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