Monday, 29 October 2012

Yes/No meme

I found this at Bas' site New Life in DD, who found it at PK’s site Elis New Beginnings.
PK invites everybody to copy the questions and put in your own answers.

Only two rules: You must answer yes or no. You may not explain unless someone asks.

Taken a picture naked? No
Made money illegally? No
Had a one night stand? Yes
Been in a fist fight? Yes
Slept with your best friend? No
Had sex in a public place? No
Ditched work to have sex? No
Slept with a member of the same sex? No
Seen someone die? No
Ran from the police? Yes
Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? No
Worn your partners unmentionables? No
Fallen asleep at work? No
Used toys in the bedroom? Yes
Ran a red light? No
Been fired? Yes
Been in a car accident? Yes
Pole danced or done a striptease? Yes
Loved someone you shouldn't? Yes
Sang karaoke? No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
Laughed so hard you peed your pants? No
Caught someone having sex? No
Kissed a perfect stranger? Yes
Shaved your partner? Yes
Given your private parts a nickname? No
Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes
Had sex on a roof top? No
Played chicken? No
Mooned/flashed someone? No
Do you sleep naked? Yes
Blacked out from drinking? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Had sex more than 5 times in one day? Yes
Been with someone because they were in a band? No
Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? Yes
Shot a gun? Yes
Gone outside naked? Yes

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My First Munch

Right, this post has been long overdue. This actually happened before any of my shopping expeditions, but I hadn't come around to writing about it yet.

For those of you who have no idea what a munch is, like I just a few months ago, according to the Urban Dictionary it is:
A low-pressure, social gathering at a restaurant or pub for people into BDSM. Particularly intended for people new to the scene who might be intimidated by a play party.
Well, if you don't feel ready for a play party, drop by the munch next week and meet some people.

There is an organisation in the Netherlands, the VSSM (, which busies itself with BDSM. VSSM is an abbreviation of Vereniging Studiegroep Sadomasochisme (Association Study group SadoMasochism), since in the day a study group for SM sounded more acceptable than an organisation where you could practice your interests.

This organisation organises regular munches, where interested persons can meet in a relaxed atmosphere, get information about BDSM, talk with like minded people and have fun. After reading their site, I joined as a member, even before I ever went to one of their meetings. I was so convinced I would like it, that I decided it would be worth the money for me. Besides: I'll be coming out ahead if I go to just 5 meetings a year.

So on a hot day in August, I went to the nearby city of Amersfoort for my first visit.

As you can imagine, I was nervous, and that, combined with the heat, made for an uncomfortable start of the day. I took extra care with my make up and clothing, because I wanted to look good. I also made sure I wasn't late, so of course I was way too early and therefore had some tea at the station before taking the bus. The bus ride wasn't long, but when I saw the building it felt as if we'd left town: it's in the middle of trees, in a very quiet neighbourhood, like visiting the woods.

When I arrived, people were already waiting until the door opened. Everybody was lovely and welcoming, waiting in the shade under the trees, just chatting and laughing. It was very clear to see that most of them already knew each other, but newbies, like me, were very much accepted.

The building itself, being low and made out of wood, was very hot as well, since the air conditioning hadn't fully kicked in yet, so after showing my membership card I headed straight for the bar to get myself some more tea.

It was one large room, with a bar, some couches around a table and a curtained off playroom, with a massage table, a cross, and some large beams with chains. The play area also had some couches, for lookers on. There was also a changing room, which several people used to slip into something more (un)comfortable. This room doubled as a smoking room, since you can't really expect people to go out for a smoke while (un)dressed for playing: it's better to be a bit discrete.

I sent a lot of time chatting to people. I was advised by several to register at, a website for people with our lifestyle, and I got told about the fetish shop I already blogged about.

At some point I went into the play area to have a look. People were playing there: woman on man, man on man, 3 men on 2 women. Everybody was having a great time, there was lots of talking, laughing, giggling and pure pleasure. While watching I got to try out some handcuffs: they were nice enough, but not really my thing, but perhaps they will turn out to be an acquired taste.

I got two offers for play, and accepted one. The leather wrist and ankle cuffs felt good, but stripping to my underwear and top in public was weird. Not uncomfortable exactly, but weird nonetheless. I've never been a prude, but I'm no exhibitionist either. Still, in the context, it wasn't much different from stripping in a gym locker room. But the moment play started I closed my eyes and went away: I was in subspace even before things got more serious.

After being cuffed with my back to the cross I was slapped on the thighs, scratched on the arms, and my nipples were pinched. I also got to be standing there while being watched. Than, after being turned around, my butt and back got the same kind of attention. It all felt real good.

Afterwards I got a nice cuddle on a couch, before going to the bar for a nice cold drink: just some ice water can taste real good. Then I felt ice cubes down my back, which felt very nice, being sore and still very hot.

It took me a long time to return on earth and before I remembered to thank my partner for a very nice time. On my way back, I was thinking about my next munch and what to wear then and in bed, when I felt my painful backside, I never even shifted to get more comfortable, I just relished the feeling.

Monday, 1 October 2012

On the Town - Part II

A week later I was back at the fetish shop, Laced-Up Boutique in Utrecht, to get on the mailing list for tickets for the party, and now the owner, Sarah, was present again.

After putting myself on the list and paying for the ticket, I asked her when the new corsets would be in. I was asked what corset I wanted and in which size, when she produced the correct one from the back.

After being helped into it, ascertaining it was indeed the right size, and admiring myself in the mirror again, and getting instructions on how to put it on myself and how to care for it, I paid for it and took it home. The service in this shop is just wonderful!

Now I've got my ticket, they were in a few days later, and appropriate clothing, so let December come. I'm ready!

For this shop see: or

Corset in Satijn en Kant in Rood en Zwart van Laced-Up Boutique
For all you curious people, yes, I mean you, Bas, this is the corset, but my size is a bit bigger than that of the model. I'll be wearing it complete with black suspenders, shiny black stockings and a long black skirt, with buttons all the way down.