Monday, 17 December 2012

Pervert's Playground Party

I took my time. First of all I undressed and used my rose-scented, glittery body powder all over. Then I put on my black suspenders and stockings. I didn't expect to see any of the sparkles of the powder through my stockings, but I did, and it looked very nice.
Since it was cold out, I put on my sweater and jeans again, together with my ankle boots, got my bag and headed out.
I was 20 minutes early, and the venue, a bar, was closed. There were a couple of people outside, who'd been asked to leave the bar, because there was to be a private party for the rest of the night. Well, I knew that: it was why I was there. More and more people arrived, most in street wear, but some already in party dress.
So I stood there, waiting and talking, when a friend approached me. This is the gentleman I spoke about in other blogs. Time to give him a name: let's call him John.
Finally, finally, it was 10 o'clock and the doors opened. I had my ticket ready and was the first one in. There was a changing area, more or less separated from the rest of the room. I got in there and started to change, but it wasn't easy. My tulle and PVC mini skirt, which I hadn't really worn before, wouldn't zip up, so I needed a bit of help with that. Then it was time to take off my jeans and bra, and put on my corset. Now, I've been wearing this corset at home, making sure I can put it on all by myself, but I couldn't manage it now. It took me at least a dozen tries, before I was able to hook it up at the front. I started to lace it up at the back, getting it as tight as I could, and failed! Frustrations galore. Fortunately there was a very nice lady who was willing and able to do it for me. And she did a good job, I was laced up nice and tight, very tight. I was almost shocked at the end, when she put her hands inside my cups to arrange my breasts. I could see she was only doing it because she wanted it to look good, but is sure wasn't what I expected her to do.
Silly me had put my bags on the floor before getting changed, so I now had to pick them up while unable to bend, because of my corset. I managed it, but not easily.
I checked my bag and coat, but they didn't want to take my hat: the cloak room area was not equipped for that, so I put it on my head instead.
While I was walking around, I thought of Lillie and of Ian's thoughts if she walked around at a party dressed like me that night. Not that he'd ever allow something like that to happen, but I liked speculating about what he'd have to say about it.
When John saw me, I twirled for him, he liked my outfit very much.
The lower floor was a lounge area, with a bar in the front and way at the back, some tables and chairs, a dance floor and a podium. Then there were stairs going up, to the play are, called Speelbar, with plenty of speelbar monitors watching and where the safeword for the evening was "Safeword". Play to be confined to the play area, no wax or fire, no penetration or other sex, no blood, and of course: all play to be Safe, Sane and Consensual.
I was up there while there was a show on the podium. By bending over the railing, and ducking under the curtain hanging there, I had a good look at what was going on. While I was singing along with "Fever, when he kisses, Fever, when he holds me tight", I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my back, adjusting my corset. Since one of the rules of the night also was: no touching without permission, I wasn't surprised to see the hands belonged to John, about the only person there who is allowed to touch me without asking.
I mingled, chatted, looked at the show, had a couple of drinks, and started to feel my feet. Even though my boots were comfortable and not too high, they were still new, and with all the walking and standing I could really feel it. And because I was wearing my corset, making bending impossible, I could not sit down on an ordinary chair and still be able to breath. The only place I could sit was on a bar stool.
Smoking was another kind of fun: we had to go outside for that, where people were passing, so we had to confirm to the vanilla-friendly rule: not too much nudity or the like. Luckily my clothing wasn't considered extreme, so I didn't have to cover up before going outside. Well, most of me was covered, with my corset and stockings, even though my skirt had trouble covering my bum.
I never got to play, because when it got to be 1 am I was too tired, and my feet were too sore, to go on. My corset was pinching me, and the Saturday would be a long day with an early start, so I decided to go home.
Getting my things from the cloak room took some time, since they had trouble finding my bag. And I needed that bag, because my jeans were in there. By the time I could it, I just wanted to take off my corset and find my bed.
Loosening the strings felt so good, so wonderful, it was, as another lady told me, a bodygasm. I got changed and went home, walking all the way. It was about half an hour, their were no more busses, I knew the way and it had stopped raining, so it was fine, apart from the swearing from my feet: they were threatening to run away, without me.
By the time I got home it was after 2, I took off my boots real quick, cleaned my face and went to sleep.
Yes, it would have been fun to stay a bit longer, and it would have been even more fun to play, but I did have a great night.
Next morning I was up at 9, needing to leave home just after 10, for indeed a long day. My feet were still cursing me, but they've stopped now.


  1. But did you have fun? Sounded like all work and no play.

    1. I had lots of fun, it was just exhausting, and of course having to get up early next day didn't really help.

  2. Next time you're going to be part of the show?
    Somehow I don't like the idea of you walking half an hour through the dark night all alone.
    Could you please take a taxi next time? Pretty please?

    1. Bas, I appreciate your concern, but really, don't worry about me. This is my town we're talking about, and I know the route I'm taking home, and I am being careful, I promise.
      And perhaps next time I will be part of the show. Who knows?

  3. I think you got your feet wet (and maybe soaked when you got home). It seems you enjoyed your evening. Not something I want to try myself - no corset or boots for me, I'm into comfort all the way, except for being spanked, of course!

    Your part sounds safe, but I'm with Bas. Get a cab next time!


    1. My boots are quite comfortable, but I didn't plan on standing as much as I did. Lesson learned. Next time I'll make sure I'm never far from a bar stool. ;)
      By the time I got to the nearest cab stand, there were almost no cabs, a lot of people waiting, and I was almost halfway home, so I just kept walking.

  4. Sounds like it was fun. Breathing had to be a bit challenging in your corset! What happened to John?
    I think you should take a cab too. I 'have' walked like you....but....It can be iffy some times.

    1. At first my corset was fine, unless I tried to sit down on a chair. My breathing wasn't constricted as such, but after a few hours my it did start to pinch, which was less fun.
      John was disappointed I left early,we did say goodbye, but quickly, since I was on my way to the ladies room. He wasn't ready to leave yet and I think he stayed until the end (5 am).

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  6. Ouch ouch! That sounds like a lot of discomfort, but then again I'm the type who likes my comfort. Does the corset have to be that tight? I'm glad that you did have fun. I hope you can get in some play time for the next round. :)

    1. Believe it or not, but I'm a major fan of comfort myself, and that night was just the exception to the rule.
      The lady that assisted me was *very* enthusiastic, and so my corset was tighter than ever before. I must say I relished the feeling at first, but after a couple of hours it was getting a bit much. Had I planned on staying longer, I would then have loosened it a bit, but since it was time to go anyway, I only wanted to take if off.

  7. The shoes always betray me as well- sounds like a good evening!

    1. I enjoyed it, that's for sure. :) But next time, I'd probably rethink the shoes.

  8. Even though my boots were comfortable and not too high, they were still new, and with all the walking and standing I could really feel it. And because I was wearing my corset, making bending impossible, I could not sit down on an ordinary chair and still be able to breath. The only place I could sit was on a bar stool.

    Why didn't you ask for some help by putting off your boots? I like your writings. Reading them, it seems I were also on the parties.

    I think John is a nice person for you.

  9. Sounds like you had a good evening. I like my comfort but I also like a corset but make sure I only have to wear it for a short time)

    I agree with other, taxi much safer.


  10. Sounds like a fun evening, and you make John's hands sound really nice. Big and warm...:)