Monday, 1 October 2012

On the Town - Part II

A week later I was back at the fetish shop, Laced-Up Boutique in Utrecht, to get on the mailing list for tickets for the party, and now the owner, Sarah, was present again.

After putting myself on the list and paying for the ticket, I asked her when the new corsets would be in. I was asked what corset I wanted and in which size, when she produced the correct one from the back.

After being helped into it, ascertaining it was indeed the right size, and admiring myself in the mirror again, and getting instructions on how to put it on myself and how to care for it, I paid for it and took it home. The service in this shop is just wonderful!

Now I've got my ticket, they were in a few days later, and appropriate clothing, so let December come. I'm ready!

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Corset in Satijn en Kant in Rood en Zwart van Laced-Up Boutique
For all you curious people, yes, I mean you, Bas, this is the corset, but my size is a bit bigger than that of the model. I'll be wearing it complete with black suspenders, shiny black stockings and a long black skirt, with buttons all the way down.


  1. Now we are all curious which one you chose.
    You will need some more clothing for December.
    Pretty cold for just a corset.