Sunday, 9 September 2012

On the Town

It was a lovely day Saturday, so I went to town for some shopping: some necessary, some not so.

First the herbal store, for some urgent shopping of a personal nature, and I won't be going into any details.

Then I went to the Lush shop, I love that we have one in Utrecht now, for some toiletries. The staff in Lush shops is unfailingly friendly, helpful and enthusiastic, making my visits there always a pleasure, and the products they sell are amazing. I left with my purchases and no fewer than 3 free samples, one for a product of my choice.

On to the game store, for a book I wanted and a toy I hadn't planned on purchasing, but sometimes a girl sees a temptation she can't withstand. OK, you can take your mind out of the gutter now, I'm not talking about that kind of toy!

By then I was ready for a beer, for which I went to the city canal, where you can sit at the waterside for a drink or, indeed, a meal. So that's what I did, I sat at the canal and had a drink, enjoying the sunshine, my beer and my new book. Pure bliss!

And where did I go from there, I hear you ask? That's right: to the fetish shop I visited last week. I'd seen some nice corsets there, and I wanted to check if I still liked them as much as when I last saw them.
The one I liked best is red, with the stays picked out in black, This time I took it off the rack and was amazed at the weight of it. Who knew it could be so heavy? I looked at some other corsets, as well as at the discount rack, but this was still my favourite.
I was greeted by a young lady that remembered me from last week, and she came over to help me. It wasn't until I heard myself tell her I wanted an over the bust corset, preferably in red, possibly in black or blue, that I realised how much thought I'd already given it.
Tea was offered and accepted again and my waist was measured. The sales lady brought me my favourite in two sizes. The first one she put on me was the size that agreed with my waist measurement, but she never even bothered to lace it up, since it was evidently too big. The second one fitter better, and she had me lean forward, hands on the wall, to lace me up from the back. That made me feel very submissive, as did wearing the corset itself.
When I looked in the mirror I was surprised: it looked as if it was made for me! It's small wonder it gave me a waist, that's what corsets are for, of course, and I already know red's a great colour for me, but the overall effect was stunning. I looked years younger, much slimmer and, dare I say it, quite beautiful. Only problem was: even this smaller size was a bit big on me, and they didn't have the next smaller one in stock.
Buying this one would be a mistake, since I've been losing weight lately and continue to do so, and I don't want to spend quite a bit of money on an article of clothing I can only wear a couple of times before it really is too big on me. I also need to keep in mind that corsets will get a bit wider with wear, because they become slightly less rigid.
I did try on another one, in the smaller size, to see if that fit better, and it did. When I looked in the mirror, it looked fine, I looked fine, but there wasn't the Wow! factor of the other corset. So that settled it, I didn't buy a thing, but I'll be notified through e-mail as soon as the right size will be in stock.
I got myself a lollipop, heard about a fetish party that will happen in a few months time, and finally went home.

I can't wait until I get that e-mail, and I already know how to dress for that party.


  1. It unfair. It's my birthday and you get all the presents.

    1. Life is unfair, Bas. You're in a loving relationship and I get a lollipop: no wonder you're jealous! ;)

  2. Did you get one that was the right size?


  3. I love the look of corsets they are very sexy