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I think I dodged a bullet here

This is long, very long. It starts of nice and light, gets curious quickly, and after that it becomes really weird. All of this are conversations on FetLife.
I loved one of her pics, a rope bondage one. According to her profile she lives in Antarctica. Cool, not everybody cares to let people know where they live.
I live in New Zealand now, but until last year I lived in the Netherlands, which has Belgium and Germany as neighbours, so I have knowledge of both countries.
My comments in italics
"Translations into English in quotation marks"

Tnx for loving my pic
written 3 days ago:
I'm just an ordinary german girl.
Nothing special.


written 3 days ago:
Ah, well, I love bondage (pics), and I don't care about the nationality of the person being tied.
I had been looking at her other pictures. Dutch text, she told me she is German, so I answered her partly in Dutch, partly in German, partly in English, just because I can.
"Are you really German? Your text with the picture of Antwerp is surely in Dutch. Well, you should know best." Antwerpen is a beautiful city, it has been way too long since I was there last.


written 3 days ago:
Antwerp is full of all kinds of criminality !

Even IS and Syria-recruiting.

Stay away from some parts of Antwerp!!!!!


More info in a PM (if needed)

No idea why Syria would be recruiting and absolutely no idea what she means by IS, but it sounds like a friendly warning nonetheless.

written 2 days ago:
It will be a while until I get back to Europe again, let alone Antwerpen. I mainly remember the city from my youth, visiting the Zoo.
I am not surprised there is a lot of crime there, there always has been: diamonds and tourists attract criminals, it is the same in Amsterdam. Luckily most tourists encounter nothing worse than the occasional purse snatcher, and I am not in the habit of visiting shady neighbourhoods.
But thank you for the warning.


written 2 days ago:
Hello to Canterbury, NZ!

where we lived crime was sometimes 98% of the habitants.

That's why I fled as first to [European country].

As promised, I will look at your pics now.

If intererested, a free visit at Sylvester (the 31st of December) in [European country] can be arranged.


Now I am thinking: did she really offer to pay for a trip to Europe for me? Really? Can't be, I must be mistaken. But let's make sure. Because if she did, there must be something she wants in return.

written 2 days ago:
New Year's Eve in [European country], that would be a first.
But spending all that money just to attend a party, that's not in my budget.

One of these years I will visit Europe again, see my friends, have fun with them, buy myself stroopwafels.

written 2 days ago:
Hello, good morning !


Why don't you not consider waffles from "Jules De Strooper" ?

Even King Filip I and Queen Mathilde buys them !


° For those who fucks on the party !

OK, where did she say totally free of charge in her previous message? And if I need to fuck in return: how is it free? Still, it seems to be too much, a trip for a fuck, so I ask some questions.

written 1 day ago:
What is the catch? You would pay for my trip from New Zealand to [European country], just to see a 57 year old woman fuck at a party? There is nothing on my profile to tell you I would be into that. So why?

written about 23 hours ago:
Hello Julia,

sorry, let's stop it here.


Now I am to blame because I don't know how things go in Europe, and because I dare to ask for clarification.

I checked her profile and found a large text in Dutch, with some hints to tell me she is not German, but Belgium, from the Flemish part, where the first language is Dutch. To avoid misunderstandings, I decide to address her in Dutch now.


written about 22 hours ago:

"Let's change to Dutch, with hour Flemish and my Dutch background that should be no problem." I made a typo here, hour instead of your. This becomes slightly important later.
"No, it is not true, not everyone in Europe dates. There are people in committed relationships that don't cheat. There are people that don't sleep with just anybody. There are people that do not want to have sex in public. I can not believe that this has all changed in the year since I left there."
"And it is not strange that I wonder what the meaning is of this generous offer. But if the answer to my question is met with this much outrage, it would seem clear the motivation is not good."


written about 18 hours ago:
"Hour indeed!" She saw my typo, and seems to be insulted by it. I have no idea what is so terrible about it. And now she starts raving. And I have no idea what she is going on about. Her stepfather, her mother, her same sex lover, her pictures, an old enemy. Anything and everything that has nothing to do with me or her offer.

"You have not ever hear about the (by now) more than 35 years old vendetta between the "proper" gentleman [Name] and my stepfather (because the last one did **not** want to smoke hash at the organisational meeting of [Organisation])"

"You also don't know that this called one of the deep red colour; retained the correspondence of [Nameto be able to give every female potential sub/slave/slut :his own brand of "greeting"! (Most of them never returned)"

"You also don't know that this "proper" gentleman wants to live like Serge Gainsbourg (the late) BOOZE AND DRUGS! Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Lahaie will never have been in "[Name]'s bed..."

"You will also don't know then, that being a woman you need to pay for your own gang-bang in the sex shack of the "[Name]" (according to the diary of my horny mother)"

"And you certainly won't know that [Name] designed a bollenstand once; that could should loose into your uterus! Yes, pregnant woman can be horny at times as well ..."
I have no idea what she's trying to say here, or what a bollenstand might be.

"You don't even realise, that the Dutch only talk with their own "friends clique" (and the Dutch that moved to Berlin)."

"Once I waited weeks and months, in vain, for a 19 year old "man" from [part of the Netherlands], who did not "dare" come to have a coca-cola!!! (the man of 2001 excuses …) (from his worried parents to the obligation to take care of the pets from minute to minute: I thought they had a farm at their home ....)"

"And yes, I removed Skype and other IM's from my laptop!"
"On the advice of my mother, who is a criminologist and therefore knows best about preventing crime (there are repeats on the Flemish news broadcast about every two days, isn't that nice?)"

"I can show you all the 24x36 mm or 6x6 cm negatives or memory cards from my digital camera, right!"
"We have had it with the nonsense of the FetLife "caretakers"."

"And I have totally finished my education at the [redacted] art academy."

"My mother really has had skin cancer twice and got early retirement. Her own lover and the guys she wants to entertain can+must do just about anything, except hitting her face; but the men LOVE THAT…."

"I really live in [redacted] and we have supplied jobs for people from less fortunate countries."

"So now I have to pay 2 Euro to the frauds of (who managed 112 dating-sites with the same female members on all) ???"

"I can check those little women's notebooks with the hope of family and (girl)friends. I can do the girlie-talk..."

"Am I a dirty dyke, because I have a relationship with a woman right now?"

"Are my cunt and arse lost for the male chauvinist pigs?"

"Together with [Partner] we can get enough of them for successful threesomes!"

"Am I a real whore, because my cunt is no longer "tight"; as the unploughed teenager's (18+) cracks??"

"You are married, so you can give me the life's lessons, I have been told since my [Youth] in [European city]."

"Yes, a real German bitch..."


written about 17 hours ago:

"Nicely observed by [Partner], who came out of her kitchen for a moment, because I saw red with anger."

"Ah well, "stupid youth" fooled again by someone from one of our former neighbouring countries."

"And that Maxima is a winner!" That is true, the Dutch queen, Maxima, is an awesome woman.

"(See picture in Bild with her all leather suit, which for once will =not= be from Nathan, or borrowed from our deep freeze Mathilde)"

"Real_Name is really angry, OK!!"

written about 2 hours ago:
"My apologies for the typo, I meant "your", not "hour"."
"Yes, I am single, you saw correctly and I never denied it. But how have I fooled you? What did I do to you? You made me an offer, I asked further, because it surprised me you would want go give an unknown, older woman such a trip as a present."
"Did I insult you because I asked further? Because I am careful? Because I do not have blind faith in every stranger on the internet?"

"I did not mean to hurt you, or to judge you. I am sorry if you got that impression."

"Can I give you one word of advice, please? When you make this offer to another woman, it might be a good idea to share the meaning of it all straight away."

"Real_Name, the best to you."


Are you all still there? Well, she sent another message, outlining what would be expected of me. I did not read that until after my reply above.

"And that .../…"

written about 18 hours ago:
".../... our mum was looking for some great women to demonstrate hand blown dildo's (real Icicles only) from Pipedream between Christmas and New Year's Eve."

"They really do not work on Christmas and New Year's Eve in German speaking countries!"

"So: an air plane ticket and a stay for 8 days, in exchange for topless service and two (with security personnel keeping an eye on things) masturbation shows is a truly generous payment, isn't it?"

"You didn't even need to be beautiful; spontaneity, guts, not "acted horny" and just showing everything off would have been enough!!"

"That a gang-bang was on the agenda as well, would have been handy for me and my if possible even hornier girlfriends (I am not present for everything)"
"At some point I would like to know in our group, what honey the other GF's have used to catch the bees..."

"Sucking the balls empty from a few guys while you can't get away: no big drama!"

"I will answer all remarks. Remember: my pictures were a bit old, so I will replace them by more recent ones!"



So from fuck to demonstrating dildo's, to topless serving, to masturbation, to gang-bangs, to sucking off while restrained. And I still did not jump at the chance, instead I blocked her.

And if you think that was the end, you have a surprise coming, because I got another message. Supposedly not from her, but very similar to her way of writing. Apparently she does not like being blocked.

"Esteemed Single Lady,"
"it is ==not== because our German_Girl, writes entire volume of truths,"
"that you therefore need to block her straight away."
"A "warning" states, that hooligans are not welcome in our hotel."
"Do we need to extend that urgently to the Dutch (including the emigrated ones) as well?"

I blocked stepdad as well, and reported the both to FetLife, for harassing me. And now I find she blocked me: that will teach me.

Still, what is going on here? What is the catch? And did they lure other women in?
Luke and Andrew are thinking about people trafficking, sex rings, that kind of thing. Andrew even thinks that if I were to accept the offer (as if!) I might not survive. I am thinking more about smuggling. And another friend thinks the woman just has the hots for me, but he is projecting.

But whatever it is, it is disconcerting.

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