Friday, 31 August 2012

Never Say Never

After having fantasies about BDSM for my whole life, I finally, finally acted upon them, and the only regret I have is that I waited this long.

I've only just started on my journey, and I don't have a partner to share this with, but I do know that this is what I want, that it is more than just some fantasy: BDSM is right for me, I need to be spanked, submission is part of my character. And that partner? When the time is right, when I'm ready for him, he'll come: I'll find him and he'll find me.

I never would have believed I'd be here, that I'd ever act upon my urges, and yet it has happened, I took the first steps and it feels right. I'm terrified as well, since I don't know what's going to happen next, I want to feel in control, but giving myself up to someone else is what I need, what truly sets me free. I've always taken care of everybody around me, and I still tend to do that, but now it's time to take care of myself. I'm loving it, it makes me happy, something I've not been for far too long.


  1. So happy to see you here. It is an exiting, scary journey and one I still think is totally worth it. I hope you enjoy it and I'm glad you're willing to share it with us. Thanks so much for the Fantasy Friday.


  2. Loved the story on

  3. Loved the story; welcome to this wonderful world of new experiences!

  4. Welcome to blog land!Your story resonated with me....and I love your true!
    hugs abby

  5. Great story on PK's blog. Welcome to blogland, I'm looking forward to hearing more of your journey :)

  6. Thanks to you all for your kind words about my story. It's great to read people like it so much!
    As for the quote: I love it myself, it's how I want to live my life, even though I don't always succeed. But I try.

  7. Hello Julie, and many thanks for being brave enough to open a blog and for being so honest about yourself. You are a special lady, I can tell. I left you a comment on New Beginnings but I just had to come here and Bookmark your blog. You write so very well and I shall most certainly be coming here often!

    Welcome to blogging, love and good wishes to you!

  8. I'm still overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reactions I've received. When I started writing that story, I wasn't sure I was even going to finish it, let alone that it'd be any good. I still can't get over it how much people like my writing.

    Hedgehog: I'm not sure how courageous it is to have a blog and to be honest in it. I don't blog under any name resembling my own, and I'm careful with personal information, since I'm not ready to have the world recognise me. But thank you for your kind words, they're very much appreciated.

  9. I wish you the best of luck.